"A project where people from around the world come together to discover and share experiences and knowledge with the Lao community to make a more sustainable way of life."

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Our Mission and Aims

Our Mission Statement

Sae Lao is a sustainable development project located in Nathong Village, near the city of Vang Vieng, Laos. The project consists of a small organic farm, a farm-to-table restaurant, a community center that provides daily English classes, and a volunteer project for international visitors. Sengkeo Frichitthavong, a native of Vang Vieng, founded the project in 2008 and still oversees its operation.

The mission of the Sae Lao project is to provide a holistic model for sustainable development in order to manage natural resources in an efficient, effective, and equitable manner. The program is based on two key ideas:

  1. Sustainability is holistic and must include sustainable technologies, education, job training, opportunities, and community involvement.
  2. The best methods for creating lasting change are to lead through example and improve the lives of community members through sustainable developments.


2015 saw SAE LAO win the Energy Globe National Award for Lao PDR.

‘With 177 participating countries, the ENERGY GLOBE Award is today’s most prestigious environmental award. It is awarded annually to projects focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energies and the conservation of resources. The awards for these many projects are presented in their recipients’ individual countries in cooperation with our partners, in particular with the international offices of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.’ 




Support scholarship programme!

One of the main goals of SAELAO is to develop the English skills of children in the local community, completely free of charge and run by the volunteers. There are many bright, eager students, who often travel far after school to attend the classes. Rain or shine, we always have some enthusiastic and committed students. Some of these young adults would love to continue studying after high school, but many cannot afford the University fees, cost of living or the cost of applying for University.
SAELAO is trying to assist these children by setting up a scholarship programme, helping students with the application process and providing any additional support that we can.

However, your help is needed. If you would like to assist in sponsoring these talented, dedicated children please donate to the SAE LAO project with the reference sponsorship.
There are profiles of each young adult who is hoping to go to University on this page. These are the people that your money will assist, giving them the chance at an education that may otherwise be out of their reach. A year at university varies between 1.5 and 5 million kip (about $200 to $650).


The SAE LAO Project is located in the quiet Nathong Village, 7km outside of Vang Vieng, near the tourist attractions of Poukham Cave and the Blue Lagoon.  SAELAO is under 158 HG on this MAP.

The project is located in pristine, green surrounds consisting of about 3 hectares, including a pond, forest and fields.



Getting There

If you are planning to volunteer with us, once you arrive in Vang Vieng town make your way to the SAE LAO founder’s guesthouse where we will arrange transportation to the SAELAO Project. The guesthouse is called Sengkeo Guesthouse, located on the main road of Vang Vieng next to Sisoumang temple (located on 193-HJ onthe Vang Vieng map).

Alternatively, you can catch a tuk-tuk from Vang Vieng to the Blue Lagoon, which is located next to Sae Lao. Tuk-tuks are quite expensive and cost about 150,000 kip for a whole group (approximately US$20).